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  • How often are classes held and how long is each class?

    Classes are held on a daily basis. Each class is 1 hour in length. We will be incorporating 30 minutes classes in the near future.

  • Do I need any special equipment for the classes?

    Absolutely not. These classes are designed so that you can do them at home. Some useful equipment would be: Tension band, towel, sturdy chair, broom sick, yoga mat, dumbbells or heavy cans, kettlebell, yoga blocks, thick textbooks and your own body.

  • I missed a live class, can I make it up?

    The Kazam Virtual Studio membership is unlimited. If you missed a class, you can attend the next live one; or you can go back to the Virtual Library included in your membership to re-watch the class you missed.

  • Do you charge tax on your courses?

    Yes, all of our courses include the 13% HST/GST tax.